Great Spots of Chilliwack

All the Best Spots to visit in Chilliwack

Why these Spots?

Every neat spot is worth taking the time to appreciate. That's what we do here at Great Spots of Chilliwack. Every spot that makes The List has been carefully chosen based on many factors...

  • User Requests
  • Popularity
  • Accessibility
  • Overall Enjoyability

Why that Feature?

The feature is chosen based on submissions from our readers and followers! The more times we see the name of a place pop up under the subject line...REQUESTS... the more interested we are in featuring that spot. So send us your spot requests, Contact Us!

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  • Cultus lake.JPG

    Cultus Lake

  • Aerial View of Harrison Lake.jpg

    Harrison Lake

  • Chilliwack Lake.png

    Chilliwack Lake

  • Bridal Falls

    Bridal Falls